What Clients Say

“Three words: this stuff works. Angela is a highly skilled hypnotherapist who, in one session, helped to reduce my chronic pain down to a lower level than I have experienced in years. She has given me a new tool for my toolbox that I can use anytime I need it, no matter where I am. There is no greater gift than to be given relief from pain. Angela has that gift. Highly recommend.” -Theresa R.

“I recently finished four hypnosis sessions with Angela. It was a new experience for me and did not know what to expect. Angela was wonderful at explaining what would happen during my session, and her warm, friendly manner made me quite comfortable.  The sessions were relaxing and each time I left feeling rejuvenated and  with a sense of peace.  I have found that through my sessions with Angela, I have continually been able to make changes in certain behaviors that have been holding me back from reaching my goals. Some time has passed since my last session and I feel still feel positive, residual effects that are guiding me in a good direction. Thank you Angela!” -Lois V.

I received an extremely effective hypnosis session from Angela that helped me past something I’d been struggling with for years. She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and is constantly improving and adding to her knowledge base. She has, quite possibly, one of the best trance induction games I’ve ever seen. Normally my overactive mind keeps me locked into consciousness, but her trance induction had me present, relaxed and able to fully benefit from our session… in fact, it was so good I sometimes use it to help myself fall back asleep at night. She’s so caring and attentive. If you’re looking to use hypnosis to change, this is the lady to get it from. Thanks Angela!” – Sharon F.