• Pain Relief/Reduction Hypnosis
  • Stress Relief
  • Freedom from Smoking
  • Healthy Weight Lifestyle
  • Release old fears of Flying, Heights, etc.

You are unique, so a combination of methods are used to discover just the individual technique for the change you desire. I am constantly training with the best trainers in the world, learning multiple techniques and methods to help you accomplish your goals.

Maybe you are simply ready to feel good! Perhaps it’s time to fully wake up and live a life full of energy, vitality and joy. To be set free from those old beliefs that left you feeling ‘less than’ you wish to feel, time to be free from fear and sadness and learn to live in the moment in a way that is empowering for you. Perhaps there is a belief formed before you can even remember that is ruling your adult life and you would like to discover what it is (see my blog post: Trauma – It May Not Be As Traumatic As You Think)

Not everyone is a fit for my style of changework. There is some detective work involved in discovering the parts of you that you would like to make changes in. You are a critical part of the process when you are the entire focus, so your willingness to be involved is necessary. No nap times for you (although each session usually leaves you feeling wonderfully refreshed).

Let’s have a Free 20-30 minute Consultation by phone, Zoom or in person to discuss what you would like to change today and how you will know it has actually changed. I am dedicated to your success!

Sessions available in office or on Zoom.

During this period of Government requested isolation, sessions will be negotiated based on what you can do. Sliding scale or trades are on the table. Maybe you are really good at gardening and can advise me or maybe you have a skill I would like to know more about and you can teach me or trade me your skill for mine. Let’s talk and get creative in helping each other use this time to become our best selves!

Normal rates are $300 for 2 sessions of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each. $150 per session thereafter. (I recommend 3 sessions for smoking cessation) Prepay 3 sessions to receive a discount of $25 or 6 sessions to receive a discount of $50. All sessions must be paid by Paypal prior to time of service. 24 hour notice for any cancelation required. I am not a medical or psychological practitioner so I do not diagnose or prescribe. If I don’t feel qualified for an issue, I will do my best to refer you to someone that may be able to help.