Hypnosis for Golf and Sports

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Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods used Hypnosis extensively and proved that golf can be enormously improved with the right state of mind.

You can buy the clubs and balls they used, and more importantly, you can utilize the same techniques that made them successful. Golf is very much a mental game.

You could imagine how:

• Improved Focus

• Calm under pressure

• Easier access to “The Zone”

Could make a difference to your game, couldn’t you?

And you can improve your game right now, without even swinging a club. Find yourself vividly remembering being in your perfect zone, seeing that shot land perfectly, now!

The better a person’s imagination, the better the outcomes. Imagination is a skill that anyone can develop. Imagining that perfect shot is part of the process used to accomplish it.

You might be interested to know that hypnosis is possibly your best learning state. Have you ever noticed the best ideas come when you are in the shower or on a long drive not thinking at all? Notice your body follows a set program consciously, whilst unconsciously your mind is free to create. The hypnotist is simply a guide and teacher in a very natural human process focusing your unconscious awareness.

Now you can wonder if these techniques could help you easily the way they helped Jack, or you can discover yourself by calling for a free exploratory consultation in person or on Zoom.


Athletes need many things in order to excel at their chosen sport



and skill go a long way


“Sport is 10% physical – and 90% mental”

Physical condition is important 

And sportsmen and women devote huge quantities of time and effort to maintain and improve physical prowess

But how much time do they devote to MENTAL attitude?

Sport is about being strong in the face of adversity

And in our current lockdown world

sports coaches are turning to visualisation techniques 

mental strength and positive outlook 

the psychological side of sport

to guide their athletes through these unprecedented times

Ready to come out stronger

The power of imagined practice is huge…it reproduces the neurological routes that would occur if we performed the situation in reality” (Fisher, 1986; cited by Jiménez, 2007)

In sport


And Hypnosis

training the MIND

can open the doors to those margins

Hypnosis will provide and hone:

• Confidence

• Motivation

• Focus

• Competition Preparation

• Mental Toughness

• Performance

  • Rehearsal Techniques

And much more!

From ball games to water sports

Whatever the level

Hypnosis can help every athlete along the road 

to Superstardom!

Let Hypnosis give you  the margins

Call NOW 

and let the change begin!

Angela Brooks-Reese
Angela Brooks-Reese

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